About Fourways

FOURWAYS was founded in February 2001 as an IT & OA Supplies marketing and distribution company. Our first office is located at No.537A Jalan Riang 11, Happy Garden, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur. We named our company as “FOURWAYS” with the meanings of giving our customer :

* Pre-sales Consultation Services
* Reasonable Pricing
* Quality & Reliability Products and Services
* Excellent Post-sales Services

FOURWAYS has had wide exposure in system consulting, installation and training support for small, medium and large corporate companies which operate their business in wide range of computer systems from stand alone personnel computer until networking environment.

FOURWAYS committed to provide the innovative and sophisticated technology to capture the needs in this dynamic day-to-day business transaction, communication and information.

To ensure the word of “Post-sales service”, it was the company policy to provide immediate or within 24 hours service respond for all the computer equipments that were broken down.

With the word of “FOURWAYS”, we ensure customer’s reliability and comfortability dealing with us for long-term business.